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Your Next Beercation | Greenville, SC

July 16, 2019 | Brian Haitz,

Tucked in the Appalachian Mountains next to the Reedy River is Greenville, SC: A bustling artisan city with a growing beer culture. Here’s your guide to the best beer sights and tastes of this beautiful town.

Many know of the renowned beer-town of Asheville, NC, located just 45 minutes up the road. However, you can now find a booming and impressive beer scene in this location-adjacent city. This town is worth stopping in for a day (or two) to enjoy some delectable brews and southern hospitality.

Top 5 Breweries to Visit While in Greenville

Liability Brewing Co.
Meet Greenville’s newest, yet already widely-respected, brewery. Approaching its one year anniversary in August 2019, you’d think you were at a brewery that’s been open for five years based on quality, service and atmosphere. There are 12 rotating taps and the brewery can hardly keep up with the demand for beers like their I Don’t Wear Cologne Kolsch or Immortal Wombat DIPA. With a modern/rustic open taproom and a patio that makes you want to kill a whole Saturday there, Liability brings community and neighborhood focus to the next level. With everything from glassware, menu variety and using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, they have an acute focus on sustainability. Their taproom is built for connecting and building camaraderie with no TVs or distractions, just people hanging out and drinking local beer. You can find Liability on tap on occasion in the greater metro area, but we’d recommend you head to their spot and experience things for yourself. They have tasty neighbors, too (BBQ and pizza), so you can stroll over and order some eats without having to put down your beer. If you’re looking for pure and focused beer that concentrates on accentuating the ingredients’ flavors without adjuncts or extracts, then we highly recommend enjoying some beers at this independent brewery.

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