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Kid Friendly? Yup

We sure are! We offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverage options and snacks for the kiddos.

We do ask that you monitor your children at all times while at the brewery. Here are a couple of things we sometimes see that we would love your help with…

  • Sidewalk chalk is awesome on the ground. Not so much on our walls.
  • Our patio furniture is super comfy to sit on, not so much for practicing parkour.
  • We love our outdoor space for relaxing but it makes for a very bad track and/or baseball or football or volleyball or soccer field. We promise any future location will have some grass. Everyone needs to touch some grass daily.

We love to entertain the entire family so come by soon.

Dog Friendly? Yup

We love doggos! We have toys, treats, shade, and a doggie water fountain to make your pups feel right at home!

But we do ask you to help us out with a few easy rules, please…

  • Only bring your doggo if they are friendly to other hoomans and doggos.
  • All doggos must remain on a leash.
  • Keep your good bois and girls off the furniture. This helps keep the furniture clean and in good shape. They can sploot all day on the sunny patches of the patio or on the cool floor inside the taproom.

If they follow these three simple rules, they will be rewarded handsomely by the beertending staff who can’t help but spoil all the doggos.

Outside Alcohol Friendly? Not Inside the Taproom

What’s great about Westone is the variety of neighboring businesses. If someone in your party doesn’t like beer, no problem. Moe’s Original BBQ and Community Canteen both serve wine and other alcoholic beverages. These are welcome on the outside, shared patio. Unfortunately, you cannot bring those drinks inside the taproom.

South Carolina has a variety of alcohol licenses available to businesses. Our particular license is very specific — we can only sell the beer we create on-site. Nothing else. Nada. Zilch.

So we welcome you to enjoy those other beverages on the patio but we kindly ask you not bring them inside. Otherwise, you are definitely the liability for all of us.

We’ve been having a lot of fun so far talking about our rules but now we need to get serious.

Gun Policy

Constitutional Carry is law in South Carolina as of March 7th, 2024.

That means any adult who is legally authorized to own a gun is permitted to carry openly in South Carolina.

We respect your right to carry.

What we ask is for you, in turn, to respect our right to prohibit carrying on our premises.

We are obligated, by law, to be responsible for the safety of all persons in our establishment, and it is our position that alcohol and guns are a problematic combination. As such, we choose to prohibit guns on the premises.

If you are carrying, you will be asked to return to your vehicle and remove your gun before you can continue your visit. This applies both inside the building, and outside on the patio. If you refuse to remove your gun you will be asked to leave.

We ask that you respect this choice, and our rights, as we respect yours.

We also ask that you respect our staff when they enforce this policy.

Thank you!