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Save the Date: 6th Anniversary Party on Saturday, July 27th

Liability Brewing Co |

Life is better with a little Liability.
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Every good story has a little liability

Life can get a little boring, expected, safe. That’s why everyone needs risk every once in a while.  Something to shake up the routine and remind you that life is supposed to be fun...and a little dangerous. Something that reminds you that the only difference between risk and reward is action. That sometimes, a bad idea is better than a good idea, and taking a risk means that you’re liable for whatever comes next. We've been brewing up mischief and creating a liability since 2018, only in Greenville, South Carolina.


109 West Stone Avenue, Suite D
Greenville, SC 29609

We are focused on creating an experience that you and your friends will enjoy for decades to come. You’re going to see things from us that make you shake your heads, things that make you laugh, and sometimes, things that don’t make sense. But trust us, we have a plan. And we need you to help us bring it together. The community in Greenville is special, and this brewery is our way of contributing to an even more fun and enjoyable future. Come have a beer with us to see what we are all about.

two guys enjoy a beer with their dog in the taproom

Beer mail?!?! Yes, please!

Because everyone loves early access to beer, cool merch, and all things Liability!