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Save the Date: 6th Anniversary Party on Saturday, July 27th

We are serious about our craft, and our quality

We believe that the current demand for fresh, local beer is not a trend, but an American desire with far reaching impacts. We stand as an antagonist to macro produced, high-on-marketing, low-on-flavor beverages. We think that you want a product that is equal parts art and science, and not just about maximizing shareholder profit. We’re on a never ending search for the best ingredients to make the greatest beer we possibly can.

Commitment to sustainability

Nearly all of our raw ingredients come from the US, supporting American craft farmers and producers. We utilize varieties of grain that are more sustainable, developed by American universities to adapt to local growing climates, alleviating pressure on farmers to use more archaic varieties that require high pesticide usage. These barleys and wheats are also grown using only rainwater, requiring no man made water sources for their full maturation.

We capture naturally produced CO2 during fermentation, which requires care and special equipment, but it lowers our CO2 usage and our carbon footprint.

staff testing beers
tanks in the taproom
grains in the mash tank

Reducing Our Footprint

Through a partnership with Atlas Organics and HJ Ranch for pick-up of our spent grain, since 2019 we:

340,134 pounds
Diverted From The Landfill 

15,953 square feet
Reclaimed Cropland

353 pounds
Offset Of Greenhouse Gases

1,313,532 gallons
Of Water Saved  

We recycle cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass through local recycling centers and continue to utilize as many recycled and recyclable or compostable products as possible.

4,617 pounds
Estimate of materials recycled per year

Health Conscious Beer

Gluten Reduced Beer and Gluten Free Hard Seltzer

We use an enzyme in all of our beers called Brewers Clarex, which breaks down gluten leaving only trace amounts of gluten in the finished product.

You won't ever hear us say that our beer is gluten free because all of our beer is made with gluten containing ingredients before the enzyme is introduced, so it's impossible for us to fully remove all gluten. That said, we are comfortable saying that our beers are gluten reduced. We've had many folks tell us they seek out our beer specifically because they are gluten sensitive and our beer doesn't aggravate their sensitivities. We are pleased to offer gluten conscious consumers this option.

Stardust, our hard seltzer, is made from 100% gluten free ingredients. However, it is produced in a facility that contains gluten. Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between batches but gluten containing ingredients are within our facility.

Vegetarian Friendly

We only use food products in our beer and omit animal based additives.

We also do not use animal products of any sort outside of honey, which will be noted on any beer containing it.

Dairy Free

We are dairy free. While lactose may be a popular additive to certain beer styles, we choose not to use it. Should that change, it will be noted on any beer containing it.

Draft pours in the taproom
two tasting classes
mortal wombat can surrounded by fruit
Boujee with Cranberry, Pomegranate, Tangerine_6
draft beer in the taproom
tanks / brewing equipment

Certified B Corp

In 2022, we officially became a certified B Corp. This means we completed a rigorous, lengthy assessment and verification process with the international non-profit, B Lab, to certify that we are meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. In other words, profit above all else is NOT the driving force behind B Corps as it is with other corporate designations. B Corps are purpose driven organizations that place emphasis on making a positive impact on their employees, communities, and the world by making sure that every stakeholder benefits from the organization and not just shareholders or owners.