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Craft Beer Experts Name The Best ‘Yard Games’ Beers & Which Games To Pair Them With

August 18, 2022  | Christoper Osburn, UPROXX

We like to take things a little slower during the summer months. Sure, we still have to work. But there’s something about the weather in August (and even into September!) that makes us want to take it easy. Think BBQs and bocce, lawn darts, badminton, or horseshoes.

Yard games are the best, especially in summer and especially when you add beer. Do you really want to play a whole game of croquet if you don’t have an IPA in your hand? Is it really a game of bocce if you don’t toast a few crispy pilsners before?

Since we know beer and yard games are a perfect summer match, it’s time to find the right beers for your backyard shenanigans. To do that, we went to the professionals for help. We asked a few well-known brewers and craft beer experts to tell us their favorite beers to pair with yard games — check their answers below!


Liability Brewing Feral Garden Gnome

Eric Boice, senior head brewer at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Atlanta

ABV: 6.7%

Average Price: Limited Availability

Why This Beer?

Liability Brewing’s Feral Garden Gnome because of huge notes of banana bread, clove, pear, honey, and white pepper. It’s extremely drinkable despite its 6.7% ABV; which is just high enough to keep the game interesting, even if you’re losing.

Best paired with:

A complex, flavorful Belgian-style blonde ale doesn’t belong with just any yard game. A fancy, old-world style beer like this belongs with a game of classy, classic croquet.


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