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Carolina Blends and Brews: Fall for Greenville

October 14, 2022  | Dan Bickford, 7 News WSPA

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Fall for Greenville is here and while tasting food from local restaurants is one of the main attractions, you can also sample from some local breweries.

Until recently, local brewery involvement was minimal.

Kathy Horner, General Manager of Liability Brewing, was one of the voices wanting that to change.

“We know visitors are coming to town because they want to taste local Greenville restaurants, they want to taste local Greenville beer, visit Greenville stores, so how do we get involved.”

They’re involved now among other craft breweries from the Carolinas and elsewhere, according to Cameron Campbell, Greenville’s Downtown Project Manager.

“Bank of America Fall for Greenville is so ecstatic at our Carolina Ale House Beer Garden tap lineup. We have 24 breweries that will be in the craft beer area, 11 of them are from South Carolina, five of them are featured and local from Greenville.”

Here’s what’s on tap from Greenville breweries.

Liability Brewing is bringing their best-seller, Mortal Wombat IPA. They’ll also have Ultra Secret Enigma Lager available.


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