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Carolina Blends and Brews: Liability Brewing Company

October 12, 2023  |  Dan Bickford

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Fall for Greenville is here, and once again the craft beer garden will feature offerings from across the country and from the Upstate.

Greenville’s Liability Brewing is one of the local participants.

Head Brewer Jared Tuttle has been there from the start.

“Liability started in 2018. Our owner, Terry Horner, and one of his friends, Dustin, grew a friendship over beers, and it expanded from there.”

“The name Liability comes from that one person or the one act in the scenario where you’re going out and maybe Tom’s going to come hang out. Well, Tom’s going to be the Liability…so you have to watch out for Tom.”

Even Tom might enjoy a visit here.

“We make a wide variety of beers which is really nice. The community here has really accepted us to be able to do Belgian beers or true German beers. And we do IPAs as well…IPAs keep the door open.”

“We’re starting to get into dark beer season, so you’ll be seeing some stouts from us. There’s a gingerbread beer coming out soon.”

Sampler flights are served in lunchboxes. Just don’t carry them like normal lunchboxes.

Brewing is not a tankless job. Jared pointed out they have a special naming convention to keep track of all of this.

“All of our fermenters are named for antagonists, so they’re different characters from different movies or historical figures like Napoleon, Zort. We’ve got Cersei and it has to be right next to Jamie of course.”

Liability is creative with beer names, too.

“The names sometimes are fun…you’re sitting out with a buddy, somebody says something, and you’re like that’s a beer name”.

Liability will bring their best-seller Mortal Wombat IPA and a pink plum Stardust seltzer to this year’s Fall for Greenville.

“We wanted to be part of Fall for Greenville because it’s a celebration of Greenville. And so us being right here on Stone Avenue near downtown, we felt like it was something we could also be a part of the community with.”

Something that sets Liability apart is its designation as a “B-Corp”, or Benefit Corporation. What does that mean?

“You need to prove that you’re giving your employees a living wage, that we’re using local ingredients, and that we really care about what goes into our product.”

They also do right by Greenville.

“We’re a sponsor of local bike racing team…and then the Greenville Griffons…we also sponsor them. And since 2019 we’ve donated one percent of our revenue to local charities.”

Just some of the reasons that Liability has a close relationship with those around them.

Enjoy responsibly.


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