Brewing Doctrine

LBC and her brewing team believe that the current demand for fresh, local beer is not a trend, but an American desire with far reaching impacts. We stand as an antagonist to macro produced, high-on-marketing, low-on-flavor beverages. We think that you want a product that is equal parts art and science, and not just about maximizing shareholder profit.

This means we have to do more with less. We rely on our senses as much as our equipment to tell us when a beer is at its best. We’re on a never ending search for the best ingredients to make the greatest beer we possibly can.

Nearly all of our raw ingredients come from the United States, supporting American craft farmers and producers. We utilize varieties of grain that are more sustainable, developed by American Universities to adapt to local growing climates, alleviating pressure on farmers to use more archaic varieties that require high pesticide usage. These barleys, and wheats are also grown using only rainwater, requiring no man made water sources for their full maturation.

We capture naturally produced CO2 during fermentation, which requires care and special equipment, but it lowers our CO2 usage and our carbon footprint.

We also put only food products into our beer. We omit fining (animal based additives for clarity) and we don’t filter. Our clear beers are as such through our care alone. The only additive in some of our beers is an enzyme to reduce gluten, for our gluten conscious drinkers.

No animal products of any sort (outside of honey, which will be noted on any beer containing it.), will ever be used in our production. We are dairy free and vegetarian friendly.

And we want to be a collaborative community gathering spot. We like constructive criticism and want to know what we can do better at every step of our process. Hit us up.