Social Distancing Guide

We’re a public house. You trust that we’re making the best decisions we can with the information we have. You trust that our products are safe to consume and that our space is clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. And while the health and well being of everyone who walks through our doors is and has always been top of mind and of the utmost importance, it is our responsibility to take additional steps with our precautions for COVID-19 to ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers.

To that end, here is what you need to know before you visit the brewery:

  • Masks are mandatory as of August 3rd, 2020 per Governor McMaster.
  • Patio seating is first come, first served, and will be limited to parties of up to 4 guests.
  • We will follow a “wait to be seated” model inside the taproom for up to 4 guests per party.
  • Parties of larger than 4 guests will be split into separate tables.
  • Guests will be asked to maintain 6 feet of social distance while moving around the brewery.
  • Furniture is spaced 8 feet apart and must not be moved.
  • There is no standing or congregating around bars or tables.
  • No one who feels ill or has a persistent cough or fever should visit the brewery.
  • We encourage guests to wash their hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer located on the bar or in the bathroom hallway.
  • Sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue or their elbow. Please wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after sneezing or coughing.
  • Refrain from shaking hands or engaging in any unnecessary physical contact.

In addition, we’ve implemented some additional restrictions for indoor taproom service for the safety of our staff and all guests until further notice:

  • Customers must be 21 YEARS OR OVER to be seated inside the taproom.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted inside the taproom.
  • Children and dogs ARE permitted outside on the patio.
  • We are NOT accepting cash.
  • We are NOT opening tabs because doing so requires us to hold onto credit cards.
  • Guests must remain seated at all times unless ordering a beer or using the restroom.
  • Guests are NOT permitted to change tables or to move furniture.
  • Food from neighboring restaurants is NOT permitted inside the taproom.
  • Food from neighboring restaurants IS permitted on the patio.
  • You will be asked to leave if you’re unable to follow these or any other posted guidelines.

We’re a dog and family friendly brewery but we can’t allow kids or pups inside the taproom at this time. They’re more than welcome outside on the patio as long as: children must NOT be unaccompanied and must NOT run around freely; dogs must remain on a leash and must NOT sit or lay on the furniture.

We understand that you might not agree with some of these restrictions. Please know that we have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our staff and guests. We’ve signed the #GreaterGVLPledge to reopen responsibly and we feel the decisions outlined above are the best way to do so.

We have also implemented a number of more stringent precautions. Our employees are required to:

  • Wear gloves and a face covering while serving customers. Gloves are changed frequently, and employees are washing their hands immediately between glove changes. Face coverings are required to be washed or disposed of after each shift.
  • Wear gloves while cleaning furniture and countertops as well as when they’re collecting trash from tables. Gloves are disposed of immediately after cleanup, and employees are washing their hands in between glove changes.
  • Clean all chair backs, seats, and armrests as well as tables and countertops between every customer. Please be patient while surfaces are disinfected.
  • Wipe touchscreen payment terminals with an appropriate sanitizing solution between every customer.
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms every 30 minutes.
  • Wash their hands in between glove changes and frequently throughout their shift.

We value our employees’ health and well being, and as such, employees have been given additional sick leave to use as needed. They have also been instructed to stay home if they or anyone around them is or feels sick.

We’re doing our best to navigate this situation and sincerely appreciate your patience and support through these challenging circumstances. Y’all brighten our days every time you buy one of our beers, and we want you to know how much we appreciate the privilege we have of being your neighborhood brewery.

We wish everyone health and safety as we continue to navigate COVID-19 together.